Open letter on Outside Speakers and Academic Freedom from the AAUP President, Cary Nelson


What scholars nationwide are saying about AAUP


Summary of AAUP Principles


AAUP Statement on Freedom in the Classroom (2007)


Indicators of Sound Governance (with survey instrument)


AAUP Committee Report:  Faculty Evaluation of Administrators (2006)


AAUP Statement on Contingent Appointments and the Academic Profession


AAUP Resources on Issues in Higher Education


Higher Education periodicals:  The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed


AAUP Policy Documents and Reports:  Redbook, 9th edition, 2001 (pdf) and the current Redbook, 10th edition (online version)


Resources on the Role of Faculty in University Accreditation


AAUP Statement on Distance Education


Information about the UNC Tomorrow initiative and the ECU-UNC Tomorrow Faculty Forum



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